You Have A Part To Play

Why not join a team?

Sunday Teams


We want to make people feel at home. The connections team welcomes people, connects with new people, and assists in other duties during the gathering from time to time.

Kids Team

We love our kids & families! Kids team help run a engaging and fun program during our Sunday Gatherings.


Play an instrument or sing? Get involved on our worship music team.


For all the techies! Production team makes sure we can hear and see what's going on during our Sunday Gatherings.

Mid-Week Teams

Care Team

This team gets creative about ways to keep people included, checking in on our church community, and making sure there is 'no need among us' (Acts 4).

Neighbourhood Team

This team get's creative about ways to serve our neighbourhoods. This team helps us be a force for good.

Socials Team

Love social media? This team ensures we are actively engaging people online. Creating graphics, posting content, and interacting with people online.

Prayer Team

Our church is built on a pillar of prayer. Join our prayer team as we continue to lean in to what God is saying to us as a church.

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